I Just Wanna Lyrics Sid Hardy 2021

I Just Wanna This English song is sung by Sid Hardy, and has music by Sid Hardy while Sid Hardy has written this song Lyrics.

I Just Wanna Lyrics

I’ll just walk away
I know you want the same
I’m gonna evaporate
To lies between us

Guess who’s culprit
You know all these things better
I’m just one call away
If you want me to stay

Coz I just wanna see you
Yeah I just wanna love you
Yea I just wanna…X2

Babe we used to live
So happily in our world you know right
This is unrealistic
Coz you want me to leave
But I am comin’ after

Coz I just wana see you
Yea I just wana hold you

Yeah I just wana see you

Just hold on me tight
Coz I don’t wanna watch you go away
So be with me here n I want you to stay

Coz I just wana see you
Yeah I just wana love you
Oh babe

Yeah I just wana

Yeah I just wana see you
Girl I just wana love you

I’ll just walk away
To lies between us

Written by: Sid Hardy

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SingerSid Hardy
LyricistSid Hardy
MusicSid Hardy
Music LabelSid Hardy

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  1. “I Just Wanna” by Sid Hardy is a catchy and upbeat track that is sure to get stuck in your head. The lyrics are simple yet relatable, highlighting the desire for a stress-free and fulfilling life. The song’s production is also impressive, with a perfect balance between the vocals and instrumentals. Overall, it’s a great addition to any playlist and shows Sid Hardy’s versatility as an artist. You can check out this track on Lyric Bell Store and enjoy the vibe it brings.

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