No Complaints Lyrics – Prateek Kuhad

No Complaints Lyrics This new English song by Prateek Kuhad. Music is given by Brandon Shoop. Prateek Kuhad & Brandon Shoop have written this English song Lyrics.

No Complaints Lyrics

We have another evening free 
Let’s settle on a fantasy 
We have everything we need
In this room 
Scented candles and a 
Little bit of destiny 
Just trying to tell me 
That maybe I should try to be 
Someone new 

You look so good baby 
With your dress flowing 
But I’d rather know 
What’s on your mind 
Tryna make sense of
Finally facing 
Every embrace and your
Love keeps on taking 
Over my life 
I’m not complaining 
But I 

Need a couple of hours to breathe 
Find something to hold on to 
I know you don’t have faith in me 
But I do 
I have intensity too 

Should we close our eyes 
And maybe think about it? 
Not tonight though 

I don’t care what tomorrow holds for us 
I know I won’t let go 
I don’t have every answer babe 

I just want you to know 
That I will fall for you 
Every time

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Song Info

SingerPrateek Kuhad
LyricistPrateek Kuhad, Brandon Shoop
MusicBrandon Shoop
Music LabelElektra Records, Warner Music Group India