Halley’s Comet Song Lyrics by Billie Eilish New 2021

Halley’s Comet Lyrics from Happier Than Ever: is the most recent English song sung by Billie Eilish with music of this brand new song is given by Billie Eilish while Halley’s Comet song lyrics are penned down by Billie Eilish. This video is released on Billie Eilish Youtube Channel.

Halley’s Comet Song Lyrics

I Don’t Want It
And I Don’t Want
To Want You

But In My Dreams
I Seem To Be More Honest
And I Must Admit
You’ve Been In Quite A Few

Halley’s Comet
Comes Around More Than I Do
But You’re All It Takes
For Me To Break A Promise
Silly Me To Fall In Love With You

I Haven’t Slept Since Sunday
Midnight For Me Is 3A.M For You
But My Sleepless Nights Are Better
With You The Nights Could Never Be Alone
Ooh Ooh Ooh

I Was Good At Feeling Nothin
Now I’m Hopeless
What A Drag To Love You
Like I Do Ooh-Ooh Ooh-Ooh..

I’ve Been Loved Before
But Right Now In This Moment
I Feel More And More Likе
I Was Made For You For You!

I’m Sitting In My Brother’s Room
Haven’t Slеpt In A Week Or 2 Or 2
I Think I Might Have Fallen In Love
What Am I To Do

Written by: Billie Eilish

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Song Info:

Song:Halley’s Comet
Album:Happier Than Ever
Singer(s):Billie Eilish
Musician(s):Billie Eilish
Label(©):Billie Eilish