Haldern Lyrics Black Country

Haldern by Black Country, New Road is New English song with music also given by ​Sergio Maschetzko. This song lyrics are written by New Road & Black Country.

Haldern Lyrics

Ignore the hole I’ve dug again
It’s only for the evening
I never wanted you to see that much
Of the bodies down there beneath me

You are the only one I’ve known
Who broke the world so quietly
And turned your perfect hands to me
And you ruptured every bone

We formed a ring around your home
To stop your body leaving
But you burned the final question then
And you rose out through the cеiling

I turn my face and hide in shame
You takе my tired body in
And you wrap it up in your undershirt
And you pray for the pain to leave him

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Song Detail

Song Name:Haldern
Singer:Black Country, New Road
Composer:Sergio Maschetzko
Lyrics by:New Road, Black Country