Everybody Dies Song Lyrics by Billie Eilish New 2021

Everybody Dies Lyrics from Happier Than Ever: is the most recent English song sung by Billie Eilish with music of this brand new song is given by Billie Eilish while Everybody Dies song lyrics are penned down by Billie Eilish. This video is released on Billie Eilish Youtube Channel.

Everybody Dies Song Lyrics

Everybody Dies
Surprise Surprise
We Tell Each Other Lies
Sometimes We Try

To Make It Feel Like
We Might Be Right
We Might Not Be Alone
Be Alone

Everybody Dies That’s
What They Say
And Maybe In A
Couple 100 Years
They’ll Find Another Way

I Just Wonder Why
You’d Wanna Stay
If Everybody Goes
You’d Still Be Alone

I Don’t Wanna Cry
Some Days I Do
But Not About You

It’s Just A Lot
To Think About
The World I’m Used To

The One I Can’t Get Back
At Lеast Not For A While
I Sure Have A Knack For
Seeing Lifе More Like A Child

It’s Not My Fault
It’s Not So Wrong To Wonder Why
Everybody Dies And When Will I

You Oughta Know
That Even When It’s Time
You Might Not Wanna Go

But It’s Okay To Cry
And It’s Alright To Fall
But You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Written by: Billie Eilish

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Song Info:

Album:Happier Than Ever
Singer(s):Billie Eilish
Musician(s):Billie Eilish
Label(©):Billie Eilish