Damaged Lyrics Bella DeNapoli

Damaged song is latest English song sung by Bella DeNapoli with music is given by Bella DeNapoli. This song lyrics are written by Bella DeNapoli.

Damaged Lyrics

Do You Got A First-Aid Kit Handy
Do You Know How To Patch Up A Wound?
Tell Me Are You

Are You Patient Understanding
‘Cause I Might Need Some Time
To Clear The Hole In My Heart
And I’ve Tried Every Remedy

And Nothing Seems To Work For Me

This Situation’s Driving Me Crazy
I Really Wanna Be Your Lady
But The One Before You Left Me So Damaged

I Thought That I Should Let You Know

Can You Fix My H-E-A-R-T?
‘Cause It’s D-A-M-A-G-E-D
Can You Fix My H-E-A-R-T?

Tell Me, Are You Up For Come On, Guys.
Come On, Come On The Challenge?
I Thought That I Should Let You Know
That My Heart Is Damaged So Damage

And You Can Blame The One Before
So How You Gonna Fix It?
How You Gonna Oooo

Written by: Bella DeNapoli

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Song Info:

Singer(s):Bella DeNapoli
Musician(s):Bella DeNapoli
Lyricist(s):Bella DeNapoli
Label(©):Bella DeNapoli